Critters, Blobs and Swan Dives

mike and zoeAre babies critters? Are they blobs? These are tough concepts for parents unless parents are being honest. Producer Corin Cates-Carney starts off this feature by getting to the root of his own dad calling him a critter — literally the root of the word — and travels elsewhere with the concept. His next stop is Mike Hanich’s Missoula apartment, where the documentary filmmaker and musician talks about his other job while 2-year-old Zoe snores on the couch, her feet propped on his thigh. Mike’s thinking about parenting evolved as Zoe became less of a blob, more of a human. It meant a lot of change in his life. Now he writes songs like, “Crazy Baby Running Naked,” a far cry from his dreams of being a punk rocker in Denver. But in this nontraditional audio feature, you get the feeling that Mike, well, he kinda digs being a dad.

From Episode 3: Blobs + Heartbreak.

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