Curling Outdoors: A Love Story

Stanley, Idaho, is famous for two things: It’s often the coldest place in the Continental U.S., and it’s home to the S.O.B, the Sawtooth Outdoor Bonspiel. Bonspiels are curling tournaments — you know, that weird activity important to most sports fans every four years when the Olympics roll around and the Norwegians are wearing those funny pants. But to others, curling is love. Or maybe it’s a cult? On ice. With beer. And strategy. Audio artiste Sergio Gonzalez pieced together this loving portrait of a rare outdoor curling tourney. And lest you think this piece doesn’t fit the Montana theme of the Last Best Stories Podcast, fear not. The narrator (of sorts) is a clutch member of the Rocks in the Kettlehouse, the Missoula Curling Club team sponsored by¬†Kettlehouse Brewing. They come from all over, really, to curl outside with views of the Sawtooths. And also, as you’ll hear, to party.


Listen to Curling Outdoors: A Love Story:

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