Owning Pray, Wanting to Sell

Selling the town of Pray started with an auction in 2012. It was big news then. It’s not like little towns in Montana going on an auction block is a regular thing. But Barbara Walker, who owns Pray, just north of Yellowstone National Park, wasn’t able to find the right bidder then. She’s still looking for someone to write the next chapter of this storied place, owned by her late husband’s family since the 1950s. “It’s so not my story,” she says now. But she’s been its keeper and she’s, thankfully, still willing to tell it. Meet Barbara, whose done some things and seen some things in her life and now she’s a woman ready to move on. Reported and produced by Last Best Stories host Jule Banville.

The sign to Pray, Barbara Walker in the old post office and Madge Walker, one of its former postmasters/matriarchs.

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