Roger Cox’s Vietnam

Roger Camp CarrolRoger Cox is a Marine who left Vietnam in the fall of 1967. He’d been wounded three times. He went back to where he was when he left, the University of Washington, and eventually ended up in Montana after working 14 seasons as a smokejumper out of Missoula. That was a long time ago. Roger is 70 now. He has a PhD and is a financial adviser living in Frenchtown. Still. He remembers exactly what it was like to be a college kid landing in Vietnam. Roger told his story to producer Emily Proctor. The full interview is available at the Veterans History Project, a national archive documenting the experience of war in the words and voices of those who served. It’s also part of the PRX series, Combat Stories: Vets on War and Why They Went.

From Episode 4: Conversion + Combat

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